Wagogo wakitomban

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Wagogo wakitomban

KSh 0. Majoka anafunga soko la Chapakazi ili sehemu hiyo ajenge hoteli ya kifahari kwa kutumia madaraka aliyonayo. Majoka anatumia mamlaka yake kumteka na kumtia ndani Ashua. Anamtendea ukatili, Ashua ana majeraha kutokana na kichapo. Majoka anapanga kifo cha Jabali, mpinzani wake. Anampangia ajali na kuangamiza wapinzani wake pamoja na chama chake kwa kutumia mamlaka yake.

Mwongozo wa tamthilia ya K igogo Kigogo summary kigogo notes kigogo set book. Other related terms for this guide includes: uchambuzi wa kigogo na pauline kea, kigogo mwongozo pdfufupisho wa kigogo, muhtasari wa kigogo, summary notes for kigogo. Moibari james kingson — October 20, Your email address will not be published.

Likes Followers Followers. Home Products Mwongozo wa Kigogo Notes. Mwongozo wa Kigogo Notes KSh 0. Kigogo ni mtu mwenye madaraka makubwa kiutawala. Majoka anatumia madaraka yake kulaghai wananchi, anachukua vilivyo vyao. Anatangaza kipindi cha mwezi mzima cha kusheherekea uhuru kutumia madaraka aliyonayo. Anapandisha bei ya chakula katika kioski kwa vile ana madaraka.

Majoka anapanga kutumia mamlaka yake kuzima uchunguzi wa Tunu kuhusu kifo cha Jabali. Mwongozo wa Kigogo Notes quantity. Categories: Form 1Form 2Form 3Form 4KiswahiliNotes Tags: download mwongozo wa kigogo pdfform 3form 4free download mwongozo wa kigogo by pauline keaguide notesKCSEKigogokigogo mwongozo pdfKiswahilimuhtasari wa kigogoMwongozomwongozo wa kigogo pdfnotessummary notes for kigogouchambuzi wa kigogo na pauline keaufupisho wa kigogo.

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Mugo wa Kibiru

A self-taught musician, arranger and bandleader, Ekyan […]. More than enough for everyone this week. Much more. Until things return to a degree of relative normalcy all the weekly selections shall be bolded.

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Gogo people

In this article I focus on my first month with the PureAudioProject […]. So much, too much going on. Releases from here, from there, everywhere.

Imagine if you will a record cleaning panel gone wrong. It slipped its gears and from most if not all accounts went off the reservation. This is what was relayed to me by a number of sources about such a panel at RMAFso much so that certain members of the panel and others […].The Wagogo were not an ethnically pure tribe: there were the original Bantu migrants but lots of other people passed through Ugogo region for trade.

However, Wagogo were less hospitable to those who were only passing through, sometimes holding them up or making them pay and earning a reputation for being disagreeable as a result! Even though the Wagogo had common customs, they were generally not particularly organised, something like a loose collection of clans. This was partly because of the climate. Ugogo region gets about mL of water a year. Incidentally, this has increased tenfold in recent years, and many of the people we live among are already experiencing the effects of climate change.

A daughter of a chief could not become ruler even if there were no boys in the family because she would convey her right to rule to her husband, and her children would be raised with his lineage and customs.

The Wagogo circumcised both their boys and their girls. It was a dishonour not to be circumcised but the age of circumcision varied, also dependent on the climate and when the rains came. Boys were circumcised out in the bush with all the other boys and when they returned but they did not re-enter their house, instead building a camp out of millet stalks where they stayed for 2 months. There were other rites of passage as well.

At two months, a child was burned with a mark on their forehead, and at age six, the bottom two teeth were pulled out and both ears pierced. Mnyampala notes that many of these customs were no longer in use when he wrote the book.

Mnyampala recounts the quite extensive rules around marriage and bride wealth. There were a number of different elements to bridewealth. It includes 6 goats but each one represents something different to do with sides of the family, when the boy proposed, how well the boy and girl know each other, etc. There were also a number of rules about what was to happen to the bridewealth in the event of a divorce and fines for mistreating women.

An mtemi hereditary rain chief had to be married and his wife sat on a chair by his side. The practice of wife exchange was common.

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Mnyampala explains this by saying that back in those days, people were not jealous! Witches were often blamed for deaths and were hunted down. There was a process of discerning a witch by placing their hand in boiling water.

If they were unharmed, they were vindicated; if not, they were guilty and immediately killed. Witches were male.The Gogo singular: mgogoplural: Wagogo are a Bantu ethnic and linguistic group based in the Dodoma Region of central Tanzania.

In the Gogo population was estimated to number 1, Their name was invented sometime in the 19th century by the Nyamwezi caravans passing through the area while it was still frontier territory. Richard Francis Burton claimed a very small population for it, saying only that a person could walk for two weeks and find only scattered Tembes.

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There was and remains the problem of inadequate rain for crops and humans, the rainy season being short and erratic with frequent drought. In the 18th century the Wagogo were mostly pioneer colonists from Unyamwezi and Uhehe, and are often confused with the Sandawe and the Kaguru. Half the ruling group came from Uhehe. They had a long tradition of hunting and gathering, allowing the Nyamwezi to carry the ivory to the coast, but had become agriculturalists with cattle by They continued, however, to have a low regard for working the land and are said to have treated their agricultural slaves badly.

The Wagogo experienced famine in, and —89 just before Stokes' caravan arrived and then again in —95, and — The main reason for the exceptional series of famines in Ugogo was its unreliable rainfall and the ensuing series of droughts.

Ugogo has had a mixed economy of agriculture and herding, but most heavily depended on grain from agriculture. Traditionally, cultivation work parties of about twenty men and women were held from January through March, and lasted all day with a beer party at the end. People came from an area less than five miles; mostly they were close neighbors. Generally, however, agricultural cultivation played a secondary role to the livestock cycle.

Since grain can be extensively damaged by birds, bush pigs, wart hogs, and baboons, men and boys have the responsibility of protecting the fields, even at night.

Several medicinal and supernatural methods were also used for protecting fields against wildlife and the evil influence of men. In traditional agricultural practices, the average Wagogo did not possess a very large herd of cattle. Patterns changed, but it must be remembered that these cattle also belonged to relatives, kin, and clan members. Influenced by the Nyamwezi, Maasaiand Hehethe Wagogo have historically been described as rude, brawling, and boundlessly inquisitive herders, with manners and fierce looks from a rough, raw way of life, physically intermixed with slaves from the west.

They had a truly miserable reputation among Europeans traveling through Ugogo, being considered suspicious, deceitful liars, insolent and cowardly. Emin Pashawriting to his sister, reported, "We are now on the boundary of Ugogo, a country notorious for its winds, dust, scarcity of water and the impudence of its inhabitants". He makes no mention of using the death of an Askari as an excuse to destroy nineteen villages and looting some 2, cattle.

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Wagogo clans moved around a good deal, dropping ties to older groupings, adopting new links and family, new clan names, things to avoid, affiliations, and new ritual functions. The Gogo, in short, became different from what they were before.

Life for the Wagogo

While early European writers emphasized the political chiefs of the Wagogo, calling them 'Sultans' as was customary on the coast, and stressed their collection of the very profitable taxes hongoon scarce food and water, it was really the ritual leaders who influenced the entire country. They controlled rainmaking and fertility, medicines to protect against natural disasters or hazards, and prevented certain resources from being overly used.

They were not to leave their "country," they were to be rich in cattle, decided on circumcision and initiation ceremonies, give supernatural protection for all undertakings and be arbitrators in homicidewitchcraft accusations, and serious assault. The Wagogo placed considerable value on neighborliness. After having his physical needs met, a strange traveler would be accompanied many miles by the young men of a homestead in order to place him safely on his way.

The homestead group was so fundamental to Gogo society that people who had died peculiarly, struck down by lighting or a contagious disease were thrown into the bush or the trunk of a baobab tree, for such a person had no homestead and could become an "evil spirit" who associated with sorcerers or witches.

Most brothers went to great lengths to assist their sisters, who often lived with their brothers in sickness until they recovered, for brothers have strong moral and legal obligations to fulfil these duties in cooperation with their sisters' husbands. Even later in life, sisters and brothers continue to visit each other, a wife never being fully incorporated into her husband's group.

While the majority of Wagogo have only one wife at any given time, most found polygyny to be highly valued and carrying a high priority. It was the prerogative of older, well-established men. A reasonably prosperous man could hope to have two and sometimes three wives, and sometimes together.

Most marriages took place within a day's walking distance after agreement is reached on the number of livestock to be included in the bridewealthonly then is the transfer made. Even a hundred years later, bridewealth is still normally given entirely in livestock and a high proportion of court cases involve the giving or return of bridewealth.His name "Mugo" means "a healer".

Mugo wa Kibiru was born in Kariara, Murang'anear Thika, but his exact dates of birth and death are unknown [1]. There are various anecdotes regarding Chege wa Kibiru in Kikuyu folklore, but his claim to fame arose as a result of his accurate prophecies regarding the advent of the Caucasian white man on African soil long before British missionaries set their feet in Kenya. Chege's prophecies were that there would come a race of people whose skin complexion would resemble a small pale coloured frog that lives in water kiengere and one would be able to see their blood flowing under their skins just like the frog.

And that these pale strangers would carry magical sticks that would produce fire guns firing bulletsand it will be foolish for our warriors to confront them with their spears.

Chege also prophesied that there would be a cultural erosion of tribal customs where Kikuyu youth would adopt the ways of the Caucasians. The Caucasians would also carry fire in their pockets matchboxes. Cooked food previously never sold in Kikuyu custom, would be sold on roadsides and markets all over the country.

The plains where the Maasai graze their cattle would be farmed. Chege prophesied the coming of the Uganda Railway line that would stretch from one body of water Indian Ocean in the east to another in the west Lake Victoria and described an iron snake that would have many "legs" like an earthworm traintravelling on this railway line, eating the Caucasians and vomiting them when it stopped train journey with passengers.

According to the prophecy, the iron snake would have a bushy head bellowing smoke. Chege predicted with astonishing accuracy that there would be a famine in Kikuyuland that would exterminate much of the tribe right before the arrival of these pale coloured strangers or foreigners.

Chege foretold that the Kikuyus and other tribes would be colonised by the Caucasians but that the colonisation would end after many years 68 years with the result that the Caucasians would leave Kenya. Chege predicted that a giant fig tree 15 feet in diameter located in Thika26 miles north of Nairobiwould wither and die by the day Kenya gained independence.

'Muheme' Nyati group /Wagogo music in Tanzania

These measures were bound to fail. Shortly before Kenya gained independence from the British, the fig tree was struck by lightning and began to wither rapidly. On 12 December when Kenya officially became an independent state, the tree had decayed and died thereby fulfilling Chege wa Kibiru's prophecy over a century earlier. Mugo told people that 'You could not cut butterflies with a panga machete or cutlass His tongue was coated with sugar: his humility was touching.

And it would certainly have been easy to know about guns, clothing, trains and railways from the Arabs and Caucasians with stories from Kikuyu traders reaching the hinterland from the coastal region where many Arabs and Caucasians carried out their trade. The question would then be; how did Chege know that the Uganda Railway would stretch from one body of water to another many years before the railway was laid out? Chege was long dead before the beginning of the railway construction in Furthermore, what about Chege's accurate prophecies regarding the falling of the giant fig tree signifying end of colonial rule, the great famine in the late 19th century, and the subsequent cultural erosion of African values and customs?Provide the required personal data and indicate the amount.

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This may cause slight delays.

Wagogo descubre en el Monumental las polifonías del pueblo tanzano

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